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What do angels dream of?
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Hello, LJ world. My name is Miles but I usually answer to Milezy, Yerro etc. <3 Kansai Udon... I am a vampire zombie bunneh. I spread bloody murder. Feel free to look around my journal though I doubt that you'll see anything 'that' productive. Excuse the ramblings and random sh*. What you'll usually see will be excess fangirling, emoness and teh awesomeness that happen in this rather monotonous life of mine.
Age:18 years.DOB:Sept. 13th, 1990.Bloodtype:B.Living in:Cebu City, Philippines, bb.Studying as:A Fine Arts student, major in Advertising Arts in USC-TC Cebu.You know I am...Narcoleptic,a vegetarian, born on the Friday the 13th, a fangirl, Claustrophobic, CRAZY, a person of total awesomeness (or so my brain thinks). I want to be a gravure model. Cosplayer. Lolita fashion induced human being. i like them video games very muchly. Final Fantasy. Hot enigmatic blonde men.
I am here because:
LJ is total love... And it has access to tons of free stuff of awesome fandom. Fandom meaning, JE boys, Jpop, Japanese crack in all forms... Video Games. Friends. Stuff that I usually inhale to live. Spazzing, random flailing and other unspeakable things about my fandom will happen here. I'm a mix of things but right now. Japan makes me happy. Hooray to music. Hooray to cosplay. Hooray to rock. Hooray to clothing. Hooray for people who make me happy. Hooray for excess insanity.HOORAY FOR FANDOMS.
Ryo Nishikido; Kim Hee Chul; Zack Fair
I am also @
DeviantART, Friendster, Multiply.
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Ryo-chan will live on. Jcrack forever
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